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WHILL | Wheelchair
How to Assemble Your Model C
WHILL | Wheelchair
How to Disassemble and Put into Car
WHILL | Wheelchair
How to Swap Left and Right Hand Drive


1.What types of terrain can WHILL Electric Wheelchair travel on?
Model C has a two-wheel drive system and patented omni-wheel technology, and can travel on moderately rugged surfaces including cracked sidewalks, grass and pebbles. Model C has a ground clearance of 5cm.
2. Where can I purchase a WHILL Electric Wheelchair?
WHILL has an extensive reseller network throughout Australia, and several online channels who sell Model C. To make sure we match your specific needs, please contact or call 02 8355 5187 so that we can identify an authorised WHILL reseller near you.
3. What is the product warranty for WHILL Electric Wheelchair?
The Model C has one of the industry’s best warranties. It is covered for 5 years on the base and seat frame, 2 years on the seat and back cushion, and 1 year on the mechanical and electrical components, batteries, and tyres. Please check our Warranty Policy for more details.
4. How do I decide between the 40cm and 46cm wide Model C?
This measurement is the width of the seat base and cushion. While in a seated position measure the linear distance between the outside of the hips, including non-compressed soft tissues (Not circumference). If this measurement is less than 40cm you will fit best in the 40cm wide size. If it is more than 40cm you will fit best in the 46cm size.
5. Why use Omni-wheels for the front wheels?
The omni-directional wheel technology is one of the advanced features of WHILL Personal EVs that give our products unique capabilities. Conventional omni-directional wheel technology was invented for vehicles such as forklifts and cars but has never been an effective application for wheelchairs and mobility devices due to several design flaws in existing implementations. Seeing these efforts, we believed that the same concept used in these other vehicles could be perfected and ultimately applied to personal mobility to create a revolutionary device. The omni-directional wheel engineered by WHILL, is built using 24 small rollers that collectively create one large wheel. The rollers all move individually, allowing you to glide sideways and achieve a tighter turning radius, while simultaneously providing the greater terrain coverage. Our WHILL engineers have tested and refined the omni-wheel to create a front wheel so sophisticated that it redefines the whole concept of personal mobility. The team’s pride and dedication are evidenced by the attention to detail and countless hours put into this single component on the device. Some may see it as just another wheel, but we see it as the next generation of personal mobility. The fact that omni-wheels do not need to swivel eliminates the dangers and difficulty often found using swiveling casters. Casters need additional room to rotate before changing direction and as they rotate they can get stuck against walls and cabinets. They can also get tangled up in a user’s feet as they rotate, causing injury. See how the WHILL omni-wheel moves here.
6. What is the top speed and range of Model C?
Model C has four speed options and can reach a top speed of 15km/h. The iPhone app also offers three pre-built drive profiles (Eco, Normal, Sport).
7. What type of personal storage options are available with Model C?
The Model C comes standard with a 20L under-seat storage basket. An optional WHILL side bag and walking stick holder are also available for purchase.
8. How stable is Model C? Will it tip over?
Designed for optimal stability, Model C can safely navigate inclines up to 10 degrees and travel straighter on side slopes with built-in anti-sway technology.
9. Can I Lock my Model C?
You can easily secure your Model C to prevent unwanted use by locking it using the iPhone app or with the optional Smart Key.
10. How does the Model C perform outdoors?
The Model C performs great on outdoor terrains such as grass and gravel. It can also climb obstacles up to 5cm in height.
11. What is the turning radius for Model C?
The turning radius for Model C is 76cm. Although other products claim they have a smaller turning radius than Model C, they may not account for the footplate length, which impacts the overall turning clearance of their device. The Model C’s tight turning radius is made possible by our patented front omni-wheel. Watch this video on how it works. The omni-wheels also helps to eliminate caster “flutter” and avoid damage to walls and furniture as the omni-wheels are alway facing forward, whereas casters need extra room to align itself in the direction you want to travel.
12. What type of batteries do you use, and can I purchase regular car batteries if they need replacing?
Model C uses a custom Lithium-Ion battery built specifically for this device. Spare batteries may be ordered to provide extra range for your on-the-go lifestyle.
13.What happens when my product warranty runs out?
Your WHILL authorized service representative can still perform repairs and maintenance on your WHILL product. They will bill you directly after the warranty period has expired.
14.Should my WHILL require Maintenance, what should I do?
Any service should be done by a WHILL-authorized service representative. To clean your WHILL Personal EV, wipe with a wet cloth or rag.
15.How easy is it to clean the front Omni-wheels?
Very Easy! Most debris fall right off the tires, but if there is anything left, just wipe the wheels with a damp cloth and you’re done.
16.Help – I need service!
First, call the WHILL dealer where you purchased your product for service. Or, please call us at 02 8355 5187 or email
17.Can I take a WHILL Personal EV on an Airplane?
WHILL Model C’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery 210-085 has been tested on UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part 3 Subsection 38.3 and certified to meet the applicable ICAO, IATA and FAA requirements. However, WHILL Model C personal mobility device has not been specifically tested for air transport. Please contact your airlines to check if you can travel with your WHILL.
18.Can I take WHILL Personal EVs on public transit?
Model C is not equipped to be ridden in while on public transportation since it only has two securement points in front.
19.Does Model C fold up?
Model C does not fold up; however, it quickly disassembles into three lightweight parts for transportation in the trunk of most vehicles.

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