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Recall Notice: WHILL Personal Electric Vehicles, Model Ci

In September 2019, WHILL recognized a control pad performance issue with a small percentage of Model Ci units, serial numbers C_1711188_US – C_1909011_US and has remedied the issue. There have been no injuries or accidents reported to date.

This recall involves WHILL Model Ci.  The product is a personal mobility device that is powered by a lithium-ion battery, is occupant-controlled and motorized.  The serial number of the recalled device ranges from C_1711188_US to C_1909011_US.  The serial number label is located on the seat assembly.  WHILL and Model Ci are printed on the battery compartment.  The vehicles have one chair with a platform and four wheels.  The chairs are black, and the arm covers come in eight colors including white, red, blue, navy, gray, gold, pink, and black.

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